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Any person placing an order on the internet site of SO CHOCOLATE ! unreservedly  accepts  these General Conditions of Sale.


ORDERS  The client is responsable for the information  requested  and  given,including the place of delivery of the product. SO CHOCOLATE ! cannot be held responsable  if any  error in this information  results in delivery becoming impossible. If the package has to  be re-routed  the expense of delivery will be borne by the client.

SO CHOCOLATE ! reserves  the right to refuse an order  for any reason (incomplete or wrong information) or for legal reasons.

Any order will result in  an E-Mail being sent by SO CHOCOLATE ! confirming its reception.  Should  a problem arise preventing the order being carried out SO CHOCOLATE ! will inform the client as soon as possible.


SALE PRICES   The prices listed ,in  any of the  currencies chosen ( Swiss francs,US$,or  Euros) are inclusive of all taxes.  SO CHOCOLATE !  is free to revise these prices.  The  prices as charged  to the client for goods delivered are  those in force as at  the date of the order and which are shown on the confirmation of ther order.


PRICE OF DELIVERY The price of delivery  is  in addition,  and is determined  with reference  to the type of packaging (refrigerated or not),weight of the order,country of delivery.


PAYMENT  In  payment we accept VISA CARD and MASTERCARD.  No  invoice can be sent. Currencies accepted are Swiss francs (CHF),Euros(€),,and US dollars ($).  The order is valid as soon as the payment is validated.  Without this validation no order will be executed. Our server is  perfectly  secure  and all  transmissions  of information  between your navigator and our server are encoded by means of  Protocol SSL (Secured Socket  Layer ). Please note that we do not keep your bank information, which is merely sent to our bank by a secure protocol in order to obtain  authorisation of payment.


DELIVERY   For all our deliveries,whatever the destination,we use a first-class carrier. SO CHOCOLATE !  cannot be held responsable in any way  should the order arrive in bad condition  on account of the heat. Again,SO CHOCOLATE ! cannot be held responsable for any deterioration which  could have been  caused to the  products as a result of the  package having been  opened during transit,or for any other reason independent of our wishes.(strikes,problems involving the carrier).

All orders placed from Monday to Friday inclusive,are picked up by the carrier  at 14.30 local time. Orders placed on Saturday and Sunday will  be dealt with on Monday ((holidays excepted).

For international  deliveries,customs’ clearance and delivery are effected  by specialised Companies who deliver the package directly to the recipient (on condition that all  necessary information was given by the client when  placing the order). SO CHOCOLATE ! cannot be held responsable for the length of time taken for delivery of the package. In  no circumstances whatever will SO CHOCOLATE ! pay damages  or take back  the Product.


LITIGATION   Should a dispute arise,  SO CHOCOLATE ! will  attend  to the client’s complaint,on condition that  he  makes it by registered mail with acknowledgement of receipt,sent to  t he address  SO CHOCOLATE !,Customers’ Service,.C.P.45,1231 Conches,Geneva,within 3 days  of receipt of the package (as proved by delivery date  with signature of the client on receiving  the  product  and  date of postage).  Later than this no claim will be valid.


CONFIDENTIALITY  All  in formation concerning clients will only be used in  matters concerning our Boutique,and will not,in any  circumstances, be transmitted to anyone else,in accordance with Swiss law.


LIABILITY TO  LEGAL ACTION  The client may not sell the chocolate for his own account. In ordering via  the internet site of SO CHOCOLATE ! , the client undertakes that the products ordered are for his own personal use.

Any reproduction,even partial,is forbidden without  previous permission from SO  CHOCOLATE !.

LAW APPLICABLE  These  GENERAL CONDITIONS  OF  SALE  are applicable under Swiss law. If any part of these  GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE   is   annulled by a lawcourt,that does not ,in any way,affect  the validity of  the remaining clauses of the GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE. Only the lawcourts of Geneva are recognised as being competent  for  dealing with  any disputes arising between the different parties.